KTV Consulting Ltd

KarenRightKTV Consulting Ltd was founded in 2009 by Karen Tataiwhetu Vercoe (Ngati Pikiao, Te Arawa).

Karen is passionate about the not for profit sector, in particular Maori & Pacific providers.

That passion was the subsequent reason why KTV Consulting Ltd was born, to develop business systems and organisational infrastructure that supported front line service delivery.

In Karen’s 25+ years’ experience as a volunteer, administrator, kaimahi, General Manager and Board Member she has found that most if not all Maori and Pacific organisations are excellent at providing services to their communities.

These Providers have close knowledge of their clients & whanau. They know what works and what doesn’t. They understand the issues and pressures their communities face, they often live within those communities so have first-hand investment and “street smarts” to make services work. They know the informal and formal networks, the key influencers and influencing factors then use this knowledge to provide amazing services and initiatives often, on the smell of an oily rag.

The role of KTV Consulting is to help those organisations develop infrastructure and systems that enhance the organisations front line service delivery. KTV Consulting tagline best encapsulating this desire” Turning Organisation Passion into Organisational Performance”.

KTV Consulting Ltd helps Maori and Pacific organisations to;

  • Become financially sustainable, maintaining, securing and growing contracts.
  • Support Governance Boards become more effective and lead their organisations through strong strategic governance, vision and board cohesion.
  • Support CEOs, General Managers and Managers to develop business systems that are complimentary and metrics that measure performance against the most important objectives of the whole organisations business.
  • Support Senior Managers with the development of performance measurement tools to promote efficiency, effectiveness and buy in from staff to improve service delivery.
  • Support staff with the integration of organisation systems, information technology, policy and processes that reduce administrative burden.
  • Build infrastructure and business systems that support the organisations reputation by becoming valued, trusted and edified by funders and philanthropic organisations.

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KTV Consulting Ltd, helping transform organisation passion into organisational performance