National Hauora Coalition

KTV Consulting Ltd has been the National Hauora Coalition’s lead consultant on the Results-Based Accountability™ framework for the past 12 months. KTV Consulting has played a pivotal role in training our provider members in both 101 and the “Train the Trainers” workshops.

Additionally, KTV Consulting has been a conduit and facilitator on two occasions when Mark Friedman provided training workshops to National Hauora Coalition members and our alliance partners (eg DHBs and MOH).

As a result we now have a number of RBA champions throughout our member providers. In the very near future KTV Consulting Ltd will be running a workshop with the National Hauora Coalition executive team and the Board to develop outcomes which will help shape the long term strategic plan and annual business plan for 11/12.

KTV consulting will also play a key role in the development of a high performing providers project which is a key project for National Hauora Coalition in year 2 (FY 11/12).

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