Results-Based Accountability™ in Focus

Results-Based Accountability™  is a fantastic tool that Organisations can use and adapt to ensure whanau are better off when accessing their service.

Many organisations mistakenly think that this framework solely focuses on an organisations service delivery but it in fact can be used at the strategy and planning phase, for development of organisational performance measures across the entire organisation and for overall organisational improvement.  I liken RBA to the everyday persons version of the Balanced Scorecard or Six Sigma, with the exception that everyone understands it even the whanau/clients!

“It’s so exciting seeing the light come on and my approach is to share the concept, then teach and mentor organisations so implementation and long term use of the framework becomes sustainable. I love it.”I have been amazed at the positive feedback from Providers around the country who have started to use this framework. Their comments and feedback provide continual affirmation that this framework is useful and fits with the way their organisations work.

Many Senior Managers have been so impressed it’s almost been a relief that we have shared the framework with them. We feel like we have helped to ease their stress because they can now see a way forward to make sure whanau are better off, while juggling the pressures of maintaining organisational sustainability and demonstrating value for money. We feel privileged and blessed to witness this with our clients.

Watch this space as the next 18 – 48 months will be an exciting time in the Health and Social Services sector.

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