Capability Development & Capability Mentoring

Capability Development provides Trusts, NGOs and Community based organisations the opportunity to focus ON their business instead of IN their business.

Capability development allows an organisation to assess itself against a best practice capability model and develop solutions for improvement. KTV Consulting Ltd has experience working with several capability assessment tools and models.

KTV Consulting Ltd is an approved Ministry of Social Development Capability Mentor and has supported Maori Health Providers through the Ministry of Health Maori Provider Development Scheme (MPDS) Maori Provider Capability Assessment Tool.

KTV Consulting offers the following services for Capability Development and Mentoring[1];

  • Capability Mentoring
  • Capability Self-Assessment
  • Capability Development Plan
  • Capability Development Plan Implementation

Capability Development examines the following capability areas within an organisation;

  • Governance & Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Workforce Development
  • Operational Management
  • Information Technology
  • Outcomes Focus
  • Service Delivery, Service Development and Service Evaluation
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Organisational Responsiveness
  • Maori Specific
  • Communication

Results Based Accountability Training & Implementation


Streamlined Contracting for NGOs is the NZ government procurement project that seeks to move government contracting with NGOs from an “outputs” focus to an “outcomes” focus, measuring the things that matter to the community rather than simply measuring activity.

Results Based Accountability, an Outcomes Framework, is incorporated within the Streamlined Contracting for NGOs Contracting Framework.

KTV Consulting Ltd are nationally recognized experts in Results Based Accountability and endorsed by Mark Friedman, Author of Trying Hard is Not Good Enough and Creator of Results Based Accountability.

We offer the following Results Based Accountability services;

  • Training,
  • Training Trainers
  • Guidance on Implementation within NGOs, Trusts, Community Organisations, Sports Organisations etc.
  • Working with your IT / CRM / Client Management provider to incorporate Results Based Accountability into your existing sofrware.
  • Mentoring to Trained Trainers

KTV Consulting Ltd can tailor a package to suit your organisation and your budget. We also work with you to ensure that you are “trained” to utilize Results Based Accountability to lessen the need for continued Consultant support.

Social Return on Investment

Social Return on Investment is a principles based framework that translates social and economic outcomes into tangible monetary values.

SROI helps organisations demonstrate the monetary value they return through the achievement of customer / clients outcomes.

SROI helps organisations, funders, grantees and philanthropic trusts understand the broader impact of an investment in relation to social outcomes.

KTV Consulting Ltd is a member of the SROI Network and trained in Social Return on Investment.

  • [1] In most cases this service is fully funded.

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